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Small and midsize carriers want to make the best operational decisions, but often lack the proper tools to compete with mega-carriers. ALVYS is here to help your carrier fleet perform at its peak.

With ALVYS you can:

 Save up to 20 hours per week with powerful accounting and fleet management tools
 Increase profits by eliminating redundant tasks and uncovering new efficiencies
 Make the most of your team’s time by simplifying and automating key tasks across accounting, billing and dispatch
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Put Your Drivers Back in the Driver's Seat

Issue comchecks and EFS checks that are recorded automatically in journal ledgers    

Update check-in and check-out times

Upload proof of delivery, receipts, bills of lading and more directly to the load

Chat directly in the app about specific loads for more streamlined communication

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Accounting Just Got Easier

ALVYS eliminates double work and streamlines accounting and billing by:  

Ensuring drivers are paid the right amount, every time, by calculating and reconciling loaded and empty miles automatically

Invoicing in just one click by attaching all paperwork for the load right in the app

Integrating with Quickbooks so you can see and manage your finances in a single glance

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Dispatcher's Dream Come True

Access info on customers, drivers, loads and trips with just a  few clicks

Manage every truck, driver and load in a single platform – even for multiple entities

Get automated notifications via ELD integration about delays or hiccups to keep customers informed

Capture the best load opportunities through automated truck postings

Automatically deduct driver advances, issue lumpers to customers and manage the team with powerful time-saving features

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The AVLYS app will be available to use in Early Fall

For carriers, ALVYS TMS onboarding will begin in mid-August/Early Fall. Join the waitlist to be amongst the first to get access.  

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